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Side X Side Mania

Side X Side Mania UTV video is about the baddest UTV’s in the world and the pilots that drive them. See TMW Offroad build the “Ultimate RZR” with an MCXpress Turbo and suspension by Holz Racing. Check out the 110’ RZR Jump in St. Anthony, Halloween in Glamis, DuneFest in Oregon, the Moab UTV Rally,Terrible’s 250 Desert Race, WORCS Racing and the Hayabusa and R1 powered UTV’s at the“SideXSide Mania Invitational” shoot out in Glamis. Great fun at the the Highlifter "MudNationals"!This is a gear head video with lots of tech tips and discussion about how people modify their UTV's. Fun for the whole family and over 2 hours long with NO headbangin music!!

BadSeed Community

Featuring some new riders and some of the Ogs of Badseed like Travis Hart and Drew Petrie. TJ Russell makes a special appearance with his World record backflips and insane variations. Scott Curry joins the crew along with Smitty and Big Benn the 1 Legged 50 rider and many others.

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Eatin Sand has it all in off road video motorsports action in the dirt and sand. Travel to Readsport, Oregon for Dune Fest as well as Pismo Beach, Glamis, and Imperial Sand Dunes in California to see the most insane riding locations in the United States. Watch a plethora of motorcycles, sand drags, ATVs, off-road trucks, sand rails, dune buggies, trophy trucks, rhinos and other weird and wild vehicles converge by the thousands at world famous riding locations. You'll see riders get huge air, perform incredible tricks, get spectacular wheelstands, tip over, get stuck and wipeout. You'll see motorcycles get bighair with huge snad dune jumping and crashes that hurt while you watch. Eatin Sand! is set to an original music sound track that keep the action moving fast and furious. 52 minutes.

Eatin Sand

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This is one of the atv videos that started it all!! Since 1984, LBZ has been synonymous with the Extreme Sports Lifestyle! They didn’t join the scene- THEY CREATED IT! Now, 10 years after its initial release on VHS, Quatros Locos is finally on DVD! With over 24 of the groundbreaking forefathers of extreme Quad action, see why the FIRST QUAD VIDEO EVER still stands the test of time! Filmed on location in California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Nevada, Utah, Mexico, England, and Thailand! This is a must have quad video dvd for your collection. Featuring: Tim Farr, Joe Byrd, Doug Gust, Chris Fristoe, Steve Abbott, Todd Vescovy, Mark Krokty, Barry Hawk, Chad Duvall, William Yokley, and many more!!!

Quatros Locos

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Give It Gas Part 1

Fans from around the country and across the borders will descend upon a small town to see the most anticipated desert events on American Soil. They will flat-out, punch the throttle through the floor and tear through the terrain so fast you will swear your eyelids are going to peel off as masses of dirt and grime collects around the eyes of your face. So go ahead, wear the event on your skin and in your nostrils. This off road video dvd aims to bring the vivid world of off-road enthusiasm to you.

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Quicksand 3

The best selling sand sports videos of all times. We take you to Dune Fest in Oregon along with Dumont, Rasor Rd., Glamis and Pismo. Arial footage and on-board cameras put you in the action like never before. You'll feel like you've been on vacation to the dunes and back. Don't forget about the sand freaks! We've got it all!

Robby Gordon, Brian Deegan "Twitch", Dave Dahlberg "Aftershock", Jack "Jacked-Up", Dale Dondel

Music By:
Shuvel, Cold, MXPX, Hey Stroker, Dick Dale, Voodoo Glow Skulls, FMF

Approximate Running Time: 55 min.



Quicksand 2 DVD

Come for the sand, stay for the party! Includes Quicksand 2000 and Quicksand on one power packed party DVD!

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Beating The Odds

Premis Industries has once again changed the way racing quad videos are viewed with the release of the first ever documentary to cover Quad Motocross, Beating the Odds. This atv video follows one current privateer pro, Chad Wienen and three future pros, Cale Downen, Cody Grant, and Sage Baker as they compete in the new WPSA / ESPN ATV Tour. Beating the Odds covers the exhausting schedule these racers must endure in their quest to become a true pro. Watch their intense practice regimen, the crazy and unexpected things that happen on the road, and the dramatic ending to their season. It is the only true behind the scenes film.

Sand Storm

Hang on tight ATVers, it's Sandstorm!! Sandstorm takes you to the outrageous sand dunes of Glamis, CA. Join America's best ATV riders like Tim Farr, Shane Hitt, Kory Ellis, Jeremy Schell, Harold "The Bumblebee" Goodman, and Keith Little for some insane ATV high flying jump ATV video action.

Sandstorm includes desert drag racing and a special feature on Robbie Gordon jumping his desert truck on his ATV. Sandstorm is non-stop extreme ATV video that will keep you glued to the television. A must see!!


Severe Off Road 2

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Severe Racing Films is back at it with “Severe Offroad 2” This off road video is an intense thrill ride into the sport of Off-Road Racing, filmed at spectacular races all over the Western U.S. and Mexico. This film features insane action from Trucks, Bikes, Buggies, ATV’s, UTV’s and more...

Severe Racing has previously released other great off road videos like “Severe Off Road”. Scott A. Tugel, the Producer/Director/Cinematographer, has captured this sport beautifully, putting himself near the path of these powerful machines, as they come tearing past you. Severe Racing takes you through every turn and every jump. With this kind of action, viewers really get the feel of what it is like to be riding and racing with some of the hottest racers in Offroad Racing today.

ATV video action shot on 16 mm film taken it to the newest cutting edge and sometimes over! Join the H-Bomb crew as they take you across the country and around the globe with the best ATV racers and freeriders on the planet. From a revisit to Danimal’s Domain to the shores of Costa Rica, they highlight some of the most exclusive riding spots in the world. Unofficial world record jumps, bar to bar motocross action and freestyle riders pushing the limits once again.

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Huevos 10

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Severe Off-Road

This killer off road video dvd film features action from Trucks, Bikes, Buggies and ATV’s, Trophy Karts, Rhinos and more. See spectacular race footage from racing series, all over the U.S. and Mexico. Includes great interviews with stars like Robby Gordon, Cameron Steele, Carl Renezeder, Scott Kincaid, Jesse James, and a vast array of others.

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Huevos 8

With 8 years of filmmaking experience under his belt, Wes Miller pulls out all the stops and pushes this one to the very limit.
Parental Discretion Advised.

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Roll Models

Roll Models is a new and refreshing approach to Off Road videos. This off road video will take you along as we wheel places like Moab, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado. This isn’t a competition off road video. It is a testament of lifestyle, values and friendship. The Off-Road world is a collective of many forms of outdoor recreation. From four wheeling to freestyle motocross, everyone is front and center. Join the BFE crew as we document what the scene is like today. Featured Drivers: Tracy Jordan, Bruce Zeller, Matt Wooley, Josh Ayers, Nate Williams, Rob Bonney, Parker Gerrette and many more…



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