Blue Gravity

HOT mountain bike video

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BLUE GRAVITY is a mountain bike DVD film about the riders, people, trails and races at Blue Mountains downhill mountain biking facility. The film showcases 3 races in the 2011 season and profiles the local team of the Kamikaze Spider Riders.

The Pedal Driven mountain bike DVD delves into the escalating conflict between mountain bikers hungry to ride and the federal land managers charged with protecting the public lands that belong to us all. Illegal trailbuilders fed up with federal regulations have begun carving into the hillsides claiming their right to play in the woods like everybody else. But is there room for the massive growth of their sport in the American landscape? And, if so, is there a sustainable way to make it happen? The Pedal Driven DVD is a must have!

Pedal Driven


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A Film by
The Collective

HOT mountain bike video

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The Seasons DVD is the highly anticipated third film from the award winning mountain bike video producers The Collective, producers of the mountain bike videos "The Collective" and "Roam". Seasons is a film that follows 7 of the world's best mountain bikers through the course of 4 seasons of one year. Seasons explores what it means to be a full time mountain bike athlete as told through the lives of downhill racers, slopestyle competitors, and big mountain freeriders. This is a must have mountain bike video dvd and is rated E for EPIC!!

2 years in the making, the 3 Minute Gaps mountain bike DVD is a performance based documentary about the new school generation of downhill mountain bike racers.

DVD or Blu Ray  

3 Minute Gaps

HOT mountain bike video

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A Film by
The Collective

HOT mountain bike video

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Roam a 16mm Mountain Bike video dvd from the producers of the Collective.

Starring: Andrew Shandro, Wade Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, Cam McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Ryder Kasprick, Geoff Gulevich, Matt Hunter, Tyler Klassen, Ryan Leech, Jordie Lunn, Tyler Morland, Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Steve Romaniuk. This is one of the most anticipated mountain bike videos of the year, a must have!!

Freeride Entertainment presents NWD Greatest Hits. For the first time, the best moments from 10 years of mountain bike insanity are assembled together into one motion picture event. You will pioneer big mountain first descents, lab rat the most jaw dropping stunts and explore the far corners of the world with the riders who made it happen and put our sport on the map. Bursting with special features and behind the scenes interviews, NWD Greatest Hits is the must have showpiece for every action sport film collector.


Jeff Lenosky, Aaron Chase, Paul Basagotia, Wayne Goss, Robbie Bourdon, Wade Simmons, Richie Schley, Darren Berrecloth, Cameron Zink, Cameron McCaul and John Cowan

-Imagine packing 10 years of the most insane riding into one film

-The worlds best riders cover a de- cade of their favorite riding and trav- elling moments

-For the first time, we get the riders perspective on the legendary NWD saga.

New World Disorder Greatest Hits


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Red Bull Rampage 2008

HOT mountain bike video

2008 Red Bull Rampage THE EVOLUTION freeride mountain bike video. “When the Rampage ended in 2004 it left a big hole in the Freeride scene.” This quote from Darren Berrecloth could not be more true, until now! Red Bull Rampage is back after a 4 year hiatus and it’s bigger and badder than ever. Top pros from slopestyle, big mountain and racing have converged in Virgin, Utah to decide the winner of the most anticipated mountain bike event of the year!

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Days of Dirt is the fifth mountain bike video feature release from Allout Productions, 'Days of Dirt' offers up a buttery blend of downhill & freestyle action. From the hills of Oakland to Crankworx, the film showcases America's finest riders gettin down n dirty doing what they do best.

Days Of Dirt


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Over The Bars

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The DH Productions stable of knuckleheads have been accused of being OTB for years and now here is the proof. The crew has dug deep into their archives, sifted through over a decades worth of footage and pulled out the sickest crash clips they could find and it is all in this crazy crash filled mountain bike video DVD.

If you are a true DH Productions fan, then you may have scene this all before, but if you are new to our stable or too lazy to go back through all 21 of our mountain bike DVD tiles, then we’ve done you a huge favor. Sit back as East Coast downhill legend, Lars Tribus and his friends take you through the all of hardcore action that is filled with the broken bikes, bones and blood that have made us famous. Finally all of the carnage is on one DVD for your twisted enjoyment.

Clorophilla is a truly innovative freeride mountain bike video, which does not only show something, but also communicates a message. It is a film which highlights values like freedom, fun, friendship, and unity,
rather than the riders' technical skills, all in a magnificent scenery where Mother Nature has the leading role. A cinematic feeling has been produced with the introduction of an unusually unique soundtrack, producing a perfect symbiosis between the original filming sounds and the music. While acting as editors, riders, cameramen, sherpa porters, and so on, six Italian friends have conceived, planned, and created a real-life film which remains closer to the everyday rider and hislifestyle.



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Counterparts is pure from the soul of DH Productions, and much like Aaron Chase himself, it is raw, gritty and in your face with the most progressive riding to ever be captured on Digital mountain bike Video. Over two years in the making, Counterparts is Aaron'a follow up to the enormously popular Killing Time mountain bike DVD. With the same style, follow AC's day-to-day activities as he circumnavigates the globe, hanging with the bros and shredding with whomever.. whereever.



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HOT mountain bike videos

New World Disorder Value Pack
Three of the best New World Disorder titles 4, 7 and 6 for one super low great price!

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Council Of Doom

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The Council of Doom is the first mountain bike video release from the already legendary Orange County fixed-gear crew Council of Doom. Directed by Wolfgang, the new release stands alone in documenting the progression, and shattering, of what was previously believed possible on track bikes. Filmed on location in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Pedro, Long Beach & Mammoth Mountain, The Council of Doom takes the viewer on an epic experience of what it means to master the fixed-gear bike within the urban setting. Doom brings unparalleled freestyle tricks, and gutsy riding, to the table while maintaining the atmosphere of effortless So Cal beach culture.


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A tale of the 2008 Downhill season, ‘Victory’ is the first full DVD mountain bike video production from MTBcut. Follow the highs and lows of 2008 as Greg Minnaar, Sam Hill, Gee Atherton and many more battle it out for honors in the World Cup and World Championship. From the rain soaked mountains of Bromont in Canada to the sun baked Slovenian hillside, follow the most exciting year in World Cup racing ever. Victory also features the best of UK racing and talent. Following the entire UK NPS series and featuring some of most exciting up-and-coming riders on the scene. Including new Junior World Champion Josh Bryceland, Irish Pinner Ben Reid, Mojo Suspension riders Stanbridge, Cathro and Hutchens along with the most exciting Street Trials rider in the World Danny Macaskill. It’s all here on one flat out DVD!

Drop In Season 1

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The word JIB was originally coined by snowboarders to describe a certain style of riding. Rail grinding, sessioning half pipes, and boosting huge tricks off of jumps were all considered JIBBING. Through time, JIBBING came to be known as trick oriented riding in man made environments. And while trials riders, North Shore riders, and a handful of urban mountain bikers have been JIBBING for years, only recently has this discipline of riding gained enough momentum to finally be given its own name. JIB, the new video from Thor Wixom, is the first video of its kind...and the only video dedicated entirely to capturing the essence of the JIB movement.



Riders Anonymous is a group of addicted riders who have embraced their sickness and ride for therapy. Following the same sick group of riders from Hidden Pleasure and Second Coming, they have scoped out more crazy terrain in areas that show mountain biking's true aspects. The whole crew has made it their mission to bring the world of MTB to a level that can be awed and respected by the new school sports world. This is one crew that seperates themselves from the rest of the world.

Riders Anonymous



Yet again the sickness continues with Chain Reaction 3 - broken bikes, bones and blood that you have come to expect from DH Productions. Chain Reaction III includes footage from the Fourth Annual Jamaican Fat Tire Festival and the Jamaican national downhill championship, NORBA & World Cup downhill and dual action, urban street riding sessions, dirt jumping, brain-dead freeriding and a slew of painful crashes.
Riders: Lars Tribus, Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Todd LeDuc, Shaums March, Todd Bosch, Kyle Ebbett and Clayton Harper. Also appearing are Cedric Gracia, Eric Carter, Brian Lopes and more.
Chain Reaction 3


Third Down has taken this powerful series in a different direction with pure technical riding skill that takes freeriding to a whole new level. With their unique style of camera work and innovative editing, Thor and Phil have created their most dynamic film to date.

Third Down

The Stable of Knuckleheads are back with yet another heavy metal onslaught of broken bikes, bones and blood. Come along as they travel coast to coast in search of all that is nasty on two wheels. With this installment of the Chain Reaction series, they feature the usual cast of characters as well as introduce a few new names that will blow your mind. There is nothing outside the limits of what is rideable! Chain Reaction 4 features the most in depth event coverage you will find of the Red Bull Rampage, the NORBA race series, the Rye Airfield Big Wheels skatepark comp and the Boston Bike Battle. You will also shred streets, parks and jumps with Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Lars Tribus, Kyle Ebbett, Shaums March, Todd Bosch and new comer Eric Porter. The DH Productions crew and three time Emmy Award winning producer director Don Hampton, will throw you in the saddle for one killer ride!

Chain Reaction 4



"I perform hundreds of Mountain Bike Trials Shows every year, and after each show I get people asking me how to do a bunnyhop, or how to hop on the rear wheel, etc. It became clear that I needed to produce a mountain bike video that answered all these questions. I wanted to share all the hidden secrets behind the art of trials, and prove to riders around the world that becoming a trials rider isn't as difficult as it may look!
Not only that, but I wanted these skills to be accessible to the average mountain biker whose trail riding could benefit huge from learning a few of these techniques".

- Ryan Leech

Mastering the Art of Trials is a mountain bike compilation of 38 skills that are demonstrated and described in a clear and concise format. The purpose of this mountain bike dvd video is to help make your learning curve as efficient and complete as possible. With this video, and a bit of practice, you'll be on your way to Mastering the Art of Trials.

Art of Trials
with Ryan Leech

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Backed up with a killer soundtrack and footage from international races and the trails, this video will appeal to all mountain bike riders from beginner to expert, and you will learn how to set up your bike perfectly and then ride better.

One of the best new instructional mountain bike videos out from the creators of the unparalleled Earthed video and world-renowned Dirt Magazine. Filmed all around the world, Fundamentals features inside-info and unveils the secrets behind how the pros ride so fast on some of the best tracks on the mountain bike scene. The video covers cornering, jumping, downhill sections, pedaling, manualing, riding technical sections, slow sections and fast sections. Includes basic advice and expert advice with tips from the fastest riders on the planet including Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, Eric Carter, Brian Schmidt, Will Longden, Martin Murray, Dale Holmes, Fabien Barel, Gee and Dan Atherton, and more. Fundamentals will also show you how to set up your bike to get the best from it, from suspension tune up to tire choice, to brakes, correct sizing, and more, for racing or just riding trails, all with guidance from the finest mountain bike mechanics out there on the World Cup race scene.

Want to have more fun on your mountain bike? Class is now in session with this new instruction mountain bike video dvd. Ride with Aaron Chase and Jeff Lenosky as they introduce you to the school of Technical and Urban Freeride. Tricktionary Volume #1 will help you kick the learning curve to the curb and will teach how to ride the way you've always wanted to. Syllabus: Bike Set Up, Safety, Wheelies, Manuals, Bunny Hops, 180s, 360s, Abubacas, Bar Spins, Riding Backwards, Half Cabs, Grinds, Crank Flips, Wallrides-fakie & turning, and more.


List Price $19.99

Fluidride: Flow-Tonic Instructional mountain bike DVD video - In his follow up to the top selling instructional mountain bike DVD video, Fluidride: Like a Pro, veteran pro racer and internationally renowned coach Simon Lawton discusses the importance of proper footwork on the bike. “if I could bottle flow, it would smell like dirty socks,” says Lawton. Flow-Tonic teaches you the importance of riding from your feet in any riding discipline, and gives you easy and clear ways to start your very own riding revolution.

Price $22.95 - List Price $26.99

FluidRide: Flow Tonic

Fluidride: Like A Pro

Price $25.95 - List Price $29.99

Fluidride: Like A Pro Instructional mountain bike Video- Fluidride: Like a Pro focuses on the body movement of successful cyclists, and breaks down complex movements into an easily understandable format. A mix of discussion, theory, physics, and actual lessons, Fluidride: Like A Pro tackles each section from a variety of angles with excellent trail riding and racing examples to illustrate technique. Created by Fluidride Owner Simon Lawton, a veteran downhill Pro and instructor of 15 years and ace rider Lars Sternberg, this video will help take your riding to the next level. Intended for riders of all off road disciplines from Novice to Expert. From the Instructor: “Over the last fifteen years of instructing riders, and constantly looking to improve my own riding, I’ve been wanting to make a movie which encapsulates the core concepts I’ve been teaching. After meeting up with Mark Brent of Bones Over Metal, this project came to life. With a year of filming, editing and general perseverance, Fluidride: Like a Pro is now on the shelves! This movie has been a labor of love, and we are stoked to bring this movie to riders around the world. Special thanks go out to Lars Sternberg, Mark Brent, and the crew at Video Action Sports for bringing the movie to life .“ – Fluidride Founder/Owner Simon Lawton Fluidride Like a Pro Testimonial: “Watched your video yesterday, and it’s totally brilliant! I would like to thank you and your team for creating such an educational film.” “The combination of frontal theoretical explanation and live demo is a great idea. This is proof that it is possible to explain how to ride like a pro”. “I recently bought this DVD whilst biking in New Zealand and found it awesome!” The bit about “riding off fours” was a breakthrough, and has changed everything with my riding! “I just want to thank you again…your tips came in super handy at the Diablo finals!! Tech turns, bermed turns, flat land turns…glad I got the refresher from Ride Like a Pro!” -Pro Rider Karen Eagan..

Ride Like A Pro

Mountain Bike video instruction with Bruce Spicer : Bruce shows you how to ride gnarly singletrack, navigate switchbacks, launch big drops, hurdle obstacles and ride steeps, plus much more!

List Price $29.99

Two Instruction mountain bike videos combo

Tricks and Stunts

Discover the hidden links between organised crime and mountain biking. Learn practical and posey tricks from the pros. Observe amazing stunts like the bunny hop, front pivot and the endo. Follow the lingo, learn the difference between a stoppie, a 180 and reverse parallel drop off. Impress your friends and make new ones with your new skills.

Discover the ancient and noble art of Bi-King. See the two Martins engage in the extraordinary challenges it takes to graduate to Bi-King Grand Masters, as their technical abilities, street styles and powerful manoeuvres are tested to the limit in ancient and mysterious chambers. Study with the Martin brothers and go forth with them along the righteous path to prove and improve your feats of skill, method and precision. Complete the advanced skills, embrace the faith and find perfect harmony on two wheels.

Tricks and Stunts

List Price $29.99

The Third Spectacle: Synopsis

With this new mountain bike video you will take a look inside the lifestyles and skills of Mountain Biking’s finest, as they battle the 2004 North American race circuit…Sea Otter Classic, the NORBA Championship Series, U.S. Open, the World Cup Series, Crankworx Festival and U.S. Championships. Riders: Graves, Hill, Neethling, Minnaar, Lopes, Atkinson, Carter, Kintuer, Milan, Powell, Rennie, Kirkaldie and team Honda/ Turner.


The Big Deal

The Big Deal is this year's follow up to years mountain bike video dvd "The New Deal". Producer Ryan Denehy comes back with more coverage of the biggest events, photoshoots, and races along with exclusive footage from the Atomlab Super Sessions. Shot in Hi-Definition and 16 mm formats "The Big Deal" takes a fresh look at the sport of mountain biking and the athletes who push the limits. Featuring footage from Crankworx, Rye Airfield, The US Open, Red Bull District Ride and more.....

Price $23.95 - List Price $29.95


The New Deal

The new mountain bike video featuring Chris Donahue, Nigel Quarless, Carter Holland, and 10 other riders. Shot in 16mm, 8mm, and a little digital.




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