Out Of The Pond

Shot in lakes, oceans, snow and a few less likely places around the world, the amazingly epic wakeboard video OUT OF THE POND showcases the Billabong team pushing the limits of wakeboarding. Featuring riding by Danny Harf, Shawn Watson, Brian Grubb, Eric Ruck, Kevin Henshaw and Chad Sahrpe. Whether it’s riding waves in Tahiti, jibbing the Billabong bus in Orlando, hitting snow gaps in Mammoth, a dream park in the Phillipines, wenching around town or just blowing minds behind the boat these guys are always setting new boundaries!

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Bent Felix

It’s the follow up wakeboard video dvd to the Butter Effect from Sean Kilgus and BFY, and is shot in 16mm film. It features the world's best riders, including Danny Harf, Rusty Malinoski, Andrew Adkison, Chad Sharpe, Keith Lyman, JD Webb, Daniel Watkins, Scotty Broome and Dean Smith, in Australia and all over the U.S. Starring - Danny Harf, Rusty Malinoski, Andrew Adkison, Chad Sharpe, Keith Lyman, JD Webb, Daniel Watkins, Scotty Broome, Dean Smith.

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Volume Wake Skate #7
Volume Wakeskate Videos is back with Issue #7! This time around, the pro spotlight is shining bright on Danny Hampson, and Ben Horan taking us on a tour of his world in the "Day In The Life" section. There is also a trip to the Bahamas (lucky guys!) and trick tips all the way from Beginner to Advanced - plus tons more!!


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Unlike anything you have ever seen before, Sidewayz teamed up with Red Bull to bring one of the most unique wakeboard videos. Featuring athletes JD Webb, Brian Grubb, Adam Errington, Reed Hansen and Collin Harrington. Blackout robbed the sense of sight from these five athletes and left them with huge spotlights, a unique double helicopter setup and military smoke bombs while riding on cold, dark waters to provide a unique cinematic punch. The film was shot exclusively in HD. Included in the bonus features are RedBull's Panama Chapter and Parks' Double Or Nothing, presented by Alliance - this DVD includes over 66 minutes of footage altogether!

Alliance Visual Experiences? third wakeboard video dvd release Innuendo showcases the cross country road trip of five of the best riders in the world. Danny Harf, Collin Wright, George Daniels, Ben Greenwood and Aaron Reed tear across the southern edge of the United States in search of new riding spots, new friends, and a new perspective on their riding. Ride along with them this summer and experience the diversity of this classic road trip.

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Evolution Wake

Wakeboard videos are evolving and EVOLUTION:wake is here to prove it. SWISPRO keeps up it's Pro and regional mix with new locations in the midwest proving that it doesn' t have to be warm year round to go big. DVD contains a full off the water conditioning wakeboard video.

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The first wakeboard video from Thomas Horrell along with the first all-wakeskating video ever make for a great combo DVD.

Decline of the Waterski Monopoly
Tired of the same old wakeboard videos, Thomas Horrell shot a bunch of footage of him and other Florida riders going off on wakeboards and wakeskates and hitting all kinds of obstacles all over the place. An anti-establishment type of wakeboard video.

Linear Perspective
Taking it one step further from Decline, Horrell started Cassette and quickly came out with a Cassette team wakeboard video of all wakeskating action. Linear Perspective not only contains great footage of the early Cassette team, but it's an artistic film as well that definitely isn't like any other wakeboarding video you've seen.

Decline of the
Waterski Monopoly

Linear Perspective - Combo

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Gravity Sucks/High Wake Drifters/Wake the Beast

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This DVD contains three of the first wakeboarding videos ever made. These videos weren't previously available on DVD, but have now been packaged together to form a wakeboarding classics superpack.

Gravity Sucks
The original wakeboarding video, Gravity Sucks is Byerly, Gator, Nelson, Schmaltz, Goforth, and a lot of the original wakeboarders going off on directional boards.

Wake the Beast
A high action video that features a lot of Byerly and Gator getting after it on the Flight 69. This wakeboard video gets you juiced up to ride.

High Wake Drifters
Contains some of the top riding from Byerly, Necrason, Gator, Shapiro, and all the leading riders in the sport at the time.

Caguamas - The Long Road is a wakeboard video documentary about a 30 day, 7000 mile wakeboard roadtrip throughout mainland Mexico.

With a fifteen passenger van, two watercrafts and 11 of the world's best wakeboarders to help document the trip, they explore secluded rivers, vacant lakes and incredible surf spots that Mexico has to offer.

You may have read the article series about this trip that took place in Alliance Magazine, so don't miss out on the opportunity to see what happens when top wakeboarders and wakeskaters visit some of the most exoctic spots in Mexico

The Long Road

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SPUN is the debut wakeboard video from Danny Turner and his Northern California company Hypoxic Films.

It features some of the top riders in the sport that don't quite get the same amount of coverage as the "big names". The video was primarily shot in California and at Lake Pickett in Florida.

One of the highlights is the riders attempting to hit the A-Frame slider that goes over the "Hypoxic Van".

FEATURED RIDERS: Wes Briscoe, Ricky Gonzales, Gator Lutgert, Jake Huso, Rich Facciano, Aaron Aubrey, Shawn Moore, Josh Smith, Chad Morin, Derek Conway and more...


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a weeklong wakeboard extravaganza to Lake Powell with Randall, Thomas, two houseboats, Parks, Watson, Sharpe, Pat, Grubb, Drew, Shane, Danny, Necrasson, Ruck, and Mr. Byerly? Well it happened and Sidewayz and Cadmium films were all there to document it all for this very cool wakeboard video. Enough said. Wait, Randall kills it. There….nuff said.

For Love Or Money

A wakeboard video by Adam Dodd starring some of the lesser hyped, yet just as amazing riders of today such as Keith Lyman, Daniel Watkins, Brett Eisenhauer, and Josh Sanders. Shot in Australia, For Love or Money gives you a view of what wakeboarding is like on an entirely different continent! This wakeboard video has the following Featured Riders- Keith Lyman, Daniel Watkins, Brett Eisenhauer, Josh Sanders, Greg Falzon, Jeff Weatherall.

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The creator of Boombox and Running With Scissors wakeboard videos brings you a new wakeboard video like you’ve never seen before. Innovative, high energy and well produced, Metronome defines the wakeboarding and wakeskating scenes as they are right now. Shot in the riders’ backyards in Orlando, Florida, Justin Stevens’ Metronome features Parks’ jib session, Chad Sharpe’s drop down gap and Shawn Watson’s near death 720. 35 minutes of solid wakeboarding and wakeskating, this video features all new music, angles, rails and faces including Keith Lyman and Tino Santori’s film debuts. Watson, Sharpe, Byerly and Ruck are just a few of the riders who represent wakeboarding’s finest.


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Captured is a really unique video from photographer/videographer Joey Meddock. Captured is mostly pictures taken by Meddock and put to music into a DVD format. It also includes some regular video footage.

While it is very different from the normal wakeboard videos, Captured is really well done and can get you as pumped up to ride as other wakeboard videos. The pictures seem to be more emotiona

The pictures are amazing, and the music is also great. If you really like a different type of wakeboard video and appreciate wakeboarding art, Captured is for you. Unique wakeboard video.


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Depth Charge

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On Sept. 3rd 2002, Red Bull hosted “The Depth Charge” deep under the town of Bonne Terre, MO. Opened in 1869 it quickly became the world’s largest lead mine – now it’s the world’s gnarliest wakeboarding spot. Artificial light. 58-degree water and 60 degree air temperature played their roles as the world’s top wakeboarders took on launch ramps and sliders in confined space. This wakeboard video is a story of the mine and the event as seen through the eyes of the riders.

The 2002 release that continued to raise the level of wakeboard videos. Highlights include Struharik’s moto style dirt gap, new helmet cam footage from the riders perspective, the Wakeboard Camp’s slider park and the most extensive gap/slider that involves a U-Haul truck!

Free 4 ALL

Video Format  

List Price $29.95

There is tons of extra stuff on the DVD version.

Parks Bonifay, Shane Bonifay, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Kyle Schmidt, Rob Struharik, JD Webb, Brian Grubb, and Tim Kovacich.

35 Min.


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