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Mud Nationals

H-Bomb Films, the world renowned makers of the "Huevos" atv videos series converged on the 2008 High Lifter Mud Nationals. This film captures all of the wild action; from the mud bogs, side by sides, powerline-road, vendor's area, campgrounds, to interviews, all in H-Bomb's signature style. Shot over the entire week from the first campers to the final clean up, the story of the event is told with a hilarious narration. This film is destined to become a mud lovers cult classic.


Nowhere else on earth can you find more natural terrain. Sand has a mind of its own and when you put the craziest athletes on earth on top of it, there is no telling what you get. From bikes to sand rails and water skimming ATV's, this video holds nothing back. Featuring the Little Sahara Sand Dunes of Oklahoma and its 1600 acres.. INSANDITY! Also included on the dvd is a second film, “Snake Hunt 2010”. Both films equal out to one hour of run time.

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ATV Dragracing Specialist

ATV Dragracing Specialist is a jam packed ATV dragracing video like no other ever produced. We are taking you into The Dirt, The Street, The Track and Guts of ATV Dragracing. This ATV DVD is loaded with footage from the PlanetSand Louisiana Drags featuring the fastest and best builders in the industry!

You will see the many different chassis, engine, tire and exhaust combos + much more on all the top builders bikes. This is the first video of its kind. Be sure to not get left out on this truly awesome video. Volume Two is packed with over 1 hour of footage from Planet Sand Drags Louisiana 2006 and other races located throughout Georgia, Arizona, and throughout the streets, where ATV dragracing gets down and dirty.

Five Hour DVD - 2 Disc Set

America's Toughest Race, The Indianapolis 500 of Off-Road Motorcycle and ATV racing. Father's Day Massacre. These are just a few of the titles befitting the Blackwater 100 off-road extravaganza atv video. Shutdown by environmentalist and political leaders after the final running of the race in 1993, the Blackwater 100 is still today considered the greatest motorcycle and ATV race of all time. From 1990 to 1994, producer Jeffrey Grubert, traveled to Davis, West Virginia and with a video crew led by Jimmy Artzberger, captured hours and hours of footage from America's Toughest Race. Blackwater Forever is a more than 4 hour quad DVD highlighting 4 years of the running of the Blackwater 100 and much of the behind the scenes action that makes Blackwater the Indianapolis 500 of Off-Road Racing.

Blackwater Forever

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Best of Xtreme ATV/
Sand Storm Box Set

DVD or VHS  

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DVD Incudes a second full length BONUS movie
" Best of Sand Storm"

Two great movies, one great price!!

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Tips and Tricks

Join GNC pro, John Natalie Jr., as he shows you what it takes to become a top pro motocross racer. Learn all the aspects of racing such as cornering, jumping, whoops passing, and getting the holeshot, as well as bike set up and preparation, maintaining your body with proper diet and exercise, how to obtain sponsors, and how to appear professional on and off the track.

ATV Value Pack
Huevos Dirt Riot 2
The Fallout 2
Huevos 11

This ATV video value pack includes 3 amazing ATV video DVDs for a super bargain price of only $14.95.

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Quad Jockeys

This new atv video dvd takes a different look into the world of racing and riding quads. This is a quad video dvd for all ages that love our sport. Each segment is unique and will keep your attention as you go from mx to offroad to free riding and more. Check out the beauty of this sport in a way you have never seen.
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Carpe Diem

Get ready to travel the country with Innervision Industries as they rewrite the rules of ATV videos. Go behind the scenes of what is quickly becoming a mainstream sport. Follow the fastest quad racers, such as John Natalie and Tim Farr as they battle it out on the GNC MX national series. Check out future stars such as Pat Brown and Jeremy Lawson as they push themselves to the limit with the ultimate goal of becoming the next national champion. Be the first to witness Klint Anderson bust a 160 foot jump on his 250R, take a ride through downtown Indianapolis with Brock Lyons on his Z-50, get up close and personal with some New Jersey cops and learn just what makes these athletes tick in this killer quad video.

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ATV Pulse

An epic adventure ATV video dvd. 4x4 quad action the likes of which you have never seen before. High mountain woods, winter riders that will blow you away. Featuring the best sand, rock, mud snow trail and riding you have ever witnessed.

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Mountains & Mud 2

An epic 4x4 quad video. Hold on as award-winning film maker, Thomas Opre takes you on a wild ride. From the deepest mud in East Texas, to intense ATV rock crawling in California, to the tallest peaks in British Columbia, Mountains & Mud 2 captures the most extreme 4x4 atv video action on film.

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Mountains & Mud

Tired of sand quad videos? If you are, then sit back and hold on as award-winning film director Thomas Opre takes you on a wild 4x4 ATV video ride. No sand and no two-wheelers in this movie -- nothing but big mountains and deep mud. Opre travels with his cameras catching epic 4x4 quad video action throughout North America.

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REFUEL is an ATV video dvd by Flobber Motion Video in association with H-Bomb Films. This film features the very best of the Canadian ATV scene. Check out Christian Gagnon's roots in this action packed video featuring all types of ATV riding, racing, & freestyle! Flobber Motion Video's Eric Lacasse was very instrumental in helping Christian Gagnon team up with the Bomb Squad. This led to Christian completing one of the world's first ATV back flips to dirt! Therefore, H-Bomb Films is helping Eric move forward with his film making career! Filmed by Eric Lacasse and edited by Dave Brundage, Refuel must be the next addition to your ATV action sport video collection!

ReFuel 2

REFUEL 2 is an ATV video dvd by Flobber Motion. This film features the very best of the Canadian ATV scene. Check out Christian Gagnon's last freestyle show in this action packed video featuring all types of ATV riding, racing, & freestyle, snow racings and many funny segments! Filmed by Eric Lacasse and edited by Jean Maheux, REFUEL 2 must be the next addition to your ATV videos collection!

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Quad: How To Ride

Quad Off-road presents, How To Ride, an essential ATV video DVD for any Quad enthusiast. How To Ride is an Instructional DVD that covers everything from the basics, like trail riding and descending hills, to the advanced, like tips for jumping and sliding. This quad video DVD is broken down into two main categories: sport quad riding and utility quad riding, and both segments feature the latest off-road machines. Follow us through this step by step DVD that is essential for the novice and veteran alike.

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