With this killer mountain bike video dvd you will take a behind the scenes look at two of freeride mountain biking's top athletes. Follow their roller coaster ride of ups and downs that make up the day to day lives of traveling, riding, competing and mayhem. Aaron Chase and Cameron McCaul lead you on an unpredictable journey throughout Europe for the biggest contest series in freeriding. The story takes an unexpected twist when Chase suffers a possible career ending injury as McCaul forges on, traveling country to country in a battle for top honors and a piece of the largest cash purse ever offered in the sport. Does Chase have what it takes to claw his way back to the top through painful surgeries, therapy and recovery? Will McCaul continue to tear it up everywhere he goes? Find out what it takes to succeed when everything is on the line and see why these guys are considered two of the top freeriders in the world.

Bang Bang


Price $12.99 - List Price $25.99

Match Videozine mountain bike video dvd is back again after another series of world tours, featuring slopestyle and street riding segments from Italy, Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic! The world's top riders are featured in the ninth issue of Match Videozine, the video guide to the latest contests and riders that are pushing the limits of what is possible on two wheels. Check out contest footage from North American events such as Monster Park, Rays 3Ride, and The Gathering...then see how the Americans hold up at the overseas contests such as the Adidas Slopestyle in Saalbach, Austria or the Red Bull District Rides in Italy and Germany. Other features include a How To, Lars Tribus' back yard, and a roadtrip with the east coast crew to the opening weekend of Rays MTB. Featured riders include: Adam Hauck, Aaron Chase, Carlo Dieckmann, Carter Holland, Damjan Siriski, George Ryan, Phil Sundbaum, Steven Bafus, and much more.

Match Videozine #9

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List Price $29.95

The CUT in association with DH Productions is proud to announce the release and the world premiere of the epic mountaib bike video dvd SevenVision. Ride shotgun with the boys and follow their inaugural season as they jet set the globe, all for the sake of fulfilling the passion for riding. This 2 DVD set is a compilation of 7 riders, with 7 styles, with 7 visions…all with one passion. "This mountain biking video dvd is going to be an instant favorite, its entertaining from beginning to end." says Cut Captain Aaron Chase.

SevenVision is produced/directed by four-time Emmy Award winner Don Hampton of DH Productions and co-directed by The CUT front man, Aaron Chase. "This is by far the best MTB DVD to be released by DH Productions to date, the riders worked hard all year, they have all added in their own creative touches to make this come together." says producer, Don Hampton. The CUT riders include: Aaron Chase, Mick Hannah, Carlo Dieckmann, Wayne Goss, Chris Van Dine, Christopher Hatton and George Ryan. SEVENVISION was shot on location in Utah, New Jersey, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Colorado, British Columbia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and Austria.

Wrenched is an all-encompassing bicycle maintenance and repair video. The only bike video of its kind, it will serve as a tangible teaching tool that will empower viewers unlike any bike maintenance book on the market. Viewers are given a window into the world of professional bike mechanic. With more than a decade of experience working on bicycles and two years of teaching maintenance classes for consumer’s; Shawn Brunner created a video that will help all cycling enthusiasts get more pleasure from their sport (Shawn is currently the Assistant Operations and Assembly Coordinator for Yeti Cycles in Golden, CO).

Not only will consumers be safer and more knowledgeable, they will also save money as they progress with their riding experience. Wrenched covers a broad range of mechanical skill sets that apply to Road, Mountain, and Comfort/ Hybrid bikes. From beginner to advanced rider, this video offers a wide range of mechanical instruction that will allow any rider to have a more enjoyable experience, whether they are on the road or trail. The video starts with the basics while building into the more involved repairs. As riders progress through the video they will acquire the skills needed to complete repairs in any environment.


Price $19.99 - List Price $29.99

Top Soil 2


Price $17.95 - List Price $19.95

Top Soil 2 mountain bike video dvd is the sequel to the Aptos Productions’ Top Soil online video diary, which has been viewed by nearly one million visitors. Top Soil 2 is a recipe of local talent, progression and humour. Watch the young riders of Aptos, California Cameron Mccaul, Evan Turpen, Jamie Goldman, Greg Watts, and many more as they ride their best for the cameras pushing themselves and the sport to a higher level. Top Soil 2 is shot in various parts of North America and places across the globe following the world’s top riders as they compete in contests and races. Top Soil 2 will only be available on DVD and includes the full length original Top Soil in the bonus features as well as crash section, Red Bull Reezride 03 and more… Locations: California, British Columbia, Austria, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah and more.

Super 8

List Price $24.95

Mountain bike video dvd covering Eight Months traversing the globe capturing all that World Cup Downhill MTB has to offer. From the first round in Spain to the World Cup finals of Scotland and everything in between, Super 8 covers it all and in a truly unique way. Get your fix of life on the tour, with riders' insights into all the highs, lows and in betweens in what was a very memorable season. Away from the racetrack, the top racers also exhibit some awesome free riding including some very talented up and coming groms styling it for the future.

Riders include: Sam Hill, Nathan Rennie, Chris Kovarik, Mick Hannah, Greg Minnaar, Matti Lehikoinen, Steve Peat, Fabien Kyle Strait, Jared Graves, The Athertons, Bryn Atkinson, Cedric Gracia, Darren Pokoj, Amiel Cavalier, Liam Panozzo, Sabrina Jonnier


List Price $24.95

Produced by Adam Ehlin and edited by Tim Cowdin, this mountain bike video represents our love for mountain bikes and the varied terrain they encounter. From Urban and freeride, to the latest in precision trials riding. Everyone, from today's top pro's to your average Joe's duking it out in a variety of elements. skate parks, dirt jumps, jump jams: All approaches are collected for you in a new view. Getting you closer than you've ever been to the most amazing riders and locations in the world. Life: Volume 1 Features: Dellavalle, Hans Rey, Hacksaw, Jesme, Wellington, Peanut, Lolly, S. Miller, Ray's MTB Park and Cowan’s Jump Jam cameos by: Lenosky, Donahue & K. Strait.

This is the mountain bike video version of the best selling book of the same name. Another way to learn how to take care of that mountain bike. Has 4 hours of instruction.

Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

Zinn & The Art Of Mountain Bike Maintenance



mountain bike video is for all those mountain bikers who share that passion, and know what its like to push their personal limits. From World Cup racers to the local rippers launching roadgaps after school. Featuring Cedric Gracia, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Kirt Voreis, Dustin Adams, Aaron Kempf, John Kirkcaldie, Andrew Neethling, Shaums March, and more amazing talent.

Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95

From the producer of Evolution, Masters Of Reality, Real Sick, Keep It Real mountain bike videos comes the long awaited Focused mountain bike dvd. It was worth the wait, there is tons of great footage with a wide array of styles.

Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95


Nine to Five

Price $22.95 - List Price $24.95

Just another day at the office. The Nine to Five mountain bike video captures North America's hardest-working riders both on and off the trails. When they aren't hitting the books, framing a house or tuning an engine, these blue-collar boys and gals are punching the clock on gravity in the streets, on the mountain and in the skate park. Uncovers up-and-coming riders from Whistler, Vancouver, Washington State, Santa Cruz, California and Toronto where footage is taken of them riding in their own backyards, whether they are flying over the roof of a Jeep Cherokee or raring up a crowd with a back flip, one foot, x-up at a local dirt jump bike competition. Expect the big hucks and even bigger air of any great mountain bike video. Filmmaker Kevin Hardiman approaches the film from an artistic stand point and it results in a unique perspective on mountain biking and enables the viewer to experience the full thrill and excitement of the sport.

Red Bull Bike Battle , the premiere event in urban freeride, is back again...and this time, the battle lines have been drawn in the streets of Baltimore. Red Bull has invited the world’s finest urban shredders to dissect the ramps, jumps, ledges, walls, cars, bridges and everything else that course designer Nate Wessel has thrown at them. 32 riders will do battle head-to-head until there is one rider left standing to claim the prize. This producers of this mountain bike video DH Productions embedded 10 cameramen in the trenches to cover the battle, armed with everything from HD cameras to Super8mm film. You will experience in-depth coverage of every move from practice to qualifying through the head-to-head battles that lead to the top of the podium. Baltimore’s inner harbor has not seen a battle this intense since the war of 1812.

Red Bull Bike Battle 2

Price $8.45 - List Price $24.95

Drop In: 4th Season
New Zealand

Price $38.95 - List Price $49.95

For the fourth season of the Drop In mountain bike videos series this years crew of freeride mountain bikers traded in the dirt bag Drop In Bus for 3 planes, 2 RV’s and a hearse to terrorize the country side of New Zealand for one of the most epic mountain bike tours ever documented. Drop In Season 4 DVD includes all 13 x 30 minute TV episodes, commercial free, including bonus behind the scenes footage never seen on TV. Staring: Dylan Tremblay, Jared Jesperson, Darren Berrecloth, Steve Romaniuk, Randy Spangler, Mike Kinrade and Nathan Greenwood.

Between the Tape... From the creator of Hypnosis comes a totally new experience. Shot in 5 continents, 15 countries and documenting the 2006 UCI World Cup Downhill Series, Between the Tape is a truly international affair. From the first round in Vigo to the beaches of Brazil to the scenery of New Zealand and then back to Europe for the finals in Austria, Between the Tape is World Cup downhill racing like you've never seen it before.
Starring Steve Peat, Sam Hill, GMSRP Minnaar, the Athertons, Nathan Rennie, Chris Kovarik, Duncan Riffle, Justin Leov, Jared Graves, Matti Lehikoinen, Marc Beaumont, Ben Reid, new commer Sam Blinkensop and more, Between the Tape stars the world's best doing what they do best, racing the clock between the tape.

Between The Tape


Price $9.95 - List Price $24.95

Inertia is a mountain bike video with a collection of the worlds best riders in all disciplines; race, freeride, biker X, dirt jump, and general huckwits. Follow Australia's best freeriders as they huck Canada and gaps back home. Take a journey around Australia following the national series and some local state rounds for the mix. Featuring: Young Guns; Nathan Rennie, Sam Hill, Ben Watkins, Jensen Woodcock, Johnny Dawe and many more. Shot on location at Mt Beauty, Eildon, Mt Buller, Fellcrag, Apollo Bay, Nundle, Thredbo, Ballarat, Canada, Whistler, Trafalgar, The Marsh and much much more.

Extras: Eildon Nationals 2004, Chasing Rennie (Helmet Cam), Dirty Down Under (MountainBoard Film), Jensen Woodcock at home, 205 (Kite Surf Film), Baccus Marsh (Helmet Cam Run), Still Galleries

Approx Running Time: 57 minutes + additional 30 minutes of bonus footage




Super Heros 3

The Superheros have done it again. bring you the most action packed video around. the years journey takes them from coast to coast hitting the NORBA circuit. Checking out all the cool local spots in between, also footage 02 Red Bull Rampage, plus the biggest set of double ever caught on film. Sound track is great as is the footage.

Price $24.45

Match Videozine: Issue 7


Join the Match Videozine crew once again as they scour the globe in search of new terrain to continue the quest for mountain bike progression. This mountain bike video was filmed in France, Spain, Canada and all over the United States, Match 7 is packed with the freshest riding from the sport's best riders. Featured Segments: Revolution, Bike Battle '04, Industry Profile: Evil/E.13, The Gathering, Canadian Roadtrip, How to: Abubaca, Rays MTB Roadtrip, Sound Check: Mushroomhead, Nigel Quarless: Day In The Life, Bike Check: Evil D.O.C., bike Check: Mongoose ritual, European Roadtrip

NSX 9: Trails Tales Lies

The legend of the North Shore continues with Digger's newest mountain bike video dvd featuring the highest vertical drop - over 40 feet - on the North Shore! Rumour has it that Digger even left the confines of the shore for a few sections of the new film. Check it out!

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New World Disorder 3
Freewheel Burning

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This item is part of our Free DVD on any order over $30 offer. Just place any order with a (final) sub total over $30 - add this item to your cart and you will get it free of charge. If you do not add this item to your order and place an order over $30, we will still put in an extra Free MTB DVD with your order anyways.

Some of the most EXTREME riding found anywhere in the world today... - Insane air, bone crunching wipe-outs & incredible stunts.

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Match Videozine: Issue 8


Match is the only mountain bike video magazine documenting the progression of urban and technical freeride. In this issue, Match is stacked full with coverage of Sea Otter Classic 2005, Monster Park, Crankworx , a West to East coast USA roadtrip, The Red Bull District Ride, The Teva Mountian Games, the Traffic Jam, The Rye Airfield Big Wheels comp and more.This issue of Match Videozine is the most comprehensive coverage the 2005 season you will find.

Eastside FreeRide 2
Live Sessions

This mountain bike video was shot on location in Quebec, Ontario, Vermont, California, Colorado, Utah, Red Bull Bike Battle,
Sea Otter Classic, Wc Saint-Anne, Red Bull Rampage 4, Rye Air Field 04

Featuring: Kyle Ebbett, Craig Robinson, Sam Hill, Stephane Mailhot, Kelta Miaoka,
Mario Garyhinter, Logan Binggell, Matt Jackson, Marc Antoine Gravel,
Guillaume Bellefeuille, David Smutok and friends…


The 2003 Red Bull Bike Battle mountain bike video covers the “Super Bowl” of urban free-ride competitions. 32 of world’s best street, dirt jump and trials riders converged on Boston’s City Hall Plaza to battle head-to-head until there was one rider left standing. Follow the entire competition round by round and trick by trick. With seven cameras rolling, the DH Productions’ crew will put you in the front row for the most progressive and innovative contest that the mountain biking world has ever experienced. The streets of Boston have not witnessed a battle this intense since the American Revolution!


Red Bull
Bike Battle

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